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So you’ve spent all the effort making sure your property looks great, now’s the moment to get people through the door and make those offers! Below are some of the essential tips to make sure you are maximising the exposure of your house on the open market – and ultimately get the best price.

Photos and Floorplans

Photos are your property’s ‘shop window’ and should always be of high quality. Decent estate agents should be using professional photographers. They will know how to bring out the best in your home. Make sure you check through the photos first before they’re shown to potential buyers. These days, creating a floorplan is quite easy but you should check that everything is accurate. For example, you may want to cross-reference the size of the rooms with the latest Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Most estate agents know what they are doing but don’t be shy to request for any changes if you are not pleased with anything.

Check Over the Property Description

Estate agents usually have experience of writing good property descriptions that will appear on the portals and other marketing material. However, make sure that you are completely happy with it and make any suggestions as you see fit. Remember to highlight any extension, conversion work or new refurbishment / redecoration. Although people like to leave their own stamp, highlighting that they will be buying a property with ‘brand new’ features will always appeal.

Going the Extra Mile with the Marketing

Extra services that the estate agent might offer such as virtual tours, 3D floorplans and other interactive tools are usually unnecessary. However, this option may be worth considering if you are competing with several properties up for sale in your neighbourhood. As the technology improves, the cost of these kinds of extras will drop and become standard.

Filter Out the Time Wasters

Buying a house is a big decision and people need to make sure they are 100% sure before taking the ‘plunge’. However, most estate agents can tell you of ‘hobbyist’ property viewers who have no real intention of buying. When looking for a quicker house sale, it is worth mentioning to the estate agent that you would only want serious buyers to view the property. However, be careful not to be too fussy!

Make Sure You Are Flexible

Remember to leave the keys with an estate agent, as people often want to view the property at various times (including evenings and weekends). However, if you are worried about security and want to be at the property for viewings, make sure you accommodate people’s schedules.

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